2 Fulke by Normal Sidhu


This crucial mental attribute is important while journeying towards Oneness; without it there can be no satisfaction or peace, and stillness cannot be achieved. Once the mind is lured by temptation of worldly objects, deception and other negativity corrupt the intellect, giving rise to confusion, and doubt. Our ability to perceive is lost, while delusions entertain our mind, we lose the faculty of navigation in the temporal world – we become disorientated. Guru Arjan Dev, in his Sukhmanee Sahib teaches us: “Bina santokh nahee ko raajai.“ – Without contentment, nobody is satiated.

This song has made an attempt to rekindle santokh in our minds by touching on the possible outcomes of greed and duplicity, the effects of their presence and the suffering we will have to endure.