A Warning to Delhi 1984 by Milind Gaba
  • Release date:08 Aug 2013

A Warning to Delhi 1984 by Milind Gaba

Dharam Seva Records return with their latest release “A Warning to Delhi 1984” By Milind Gaba.
This project was undertaken to raise awareness on a issue which has not been addressed for nearly 30 years.
Justice for the atrocities in 1984 is still nowhere to be seen and Milind Gaba’s latest track is sure to send shudders down viewers spines.

Milind Gaba who is himself of a Hindu background has done this track in support of his fellow Sikh brothers and sisters.

Dharam Seva Records wanted to showcase all humanity is one and this is not a Hindu/Sikh Difference but its down to Speaking up for those families who lost everything. Many Hindus worldwide condemn the attacks on the Sikhs and support the Sikhs in seeking justice.

Milind Gaba has bravely took on a project where he speaks out for his fellow Sikhs and the injustices they face since 1984.