Lyrics By Guru Nanak (The Mool Mantar) by Shabaddeep Kaur
  • Release date:23 May 2013

Lyrics By Guru Nanak (The Mool Mantar) by Shabaddeep Kaur

It is safe to say that each one of us is experiencing the pressures and stresses of the time. We are faced not only with today’s turbulent political and social environment, but we are also coping with our own private, internal landscape. We may be processing feelings of insecurity, concern, or anger from ever changing and intensifying world events. At times each of us may find ourselves dealing with the constant roiling of our mind, memories, and reactions from life-patterning, or simply coping with life. Sometimes events in our environment or feelings within us seem uncontrollable; we seem to have no influence over them but, nevertheless, we are affected very deeply by them.

How do we cope with challenges and difficult times and with the depressions in the flow of life? Many of us have tried to cope in ways that, later (or sooner), we discover really do not work. Losing your self in anything from mental fantasy to alcohol abuse or drugs may provide some relief, but only temporarily. At some point, we may have the blessing of waking up and realizing that the damage created, the pain inflicted, and the recovery time are simply not worth it and that there is a better way, a permanent and hopeful way, a simple way.

The technology of the Shabd Guru is available to serve us all. Quite simply, the Shabd Guru is ready and able to take us out of the abyss of our own misery. The words of the Shabd Guru are universal and were written for all humankind. Anyone of any faith or any background can use this technology. There is no prerequisite, no need to sign up for anything. You don’t need to be anything but you to use and benefit deeply from this technology.

So how does it work? First of all, select a verse from the Shabd Guru—any one will do—and give it a try. You might select one that seems particularly applicable to your life. For example, perhaps you’re feeling limited and trapped. Correctly chanting the sixth Pauri (verse) of the Sikh prayer Japji Sahib dispels limitation. Whatever you choose, recite it 11 times a day for 40 days and see what happens in your life. Don’t miss a day! If you do, gently and lovingly, start over again. Allow yourself to experience, firsthand, the miracle of transformation through the sound current.

Give yourself a chance. Rather than being buffeted by the harsh winds of time, use the Mool Mantra to begin to change your fate which could be disappointing or painful, to your destiny which promises to be ultimately fulfilling and satisfying. Give yourself the opportunity to transform a life of fate into one of destiny and fulfillment.

Ek Ong Kaar
Sat Naam
Kartaa Purakh
Nirbhau Nirvair
Akaal Moorat
Ajoonee Saibhang
Gur Prasaad
Aad Sach
Jugaad Sach
Hai Bhee Sach
Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach


A Shabd should be recited 11 times a day for a minimum of 40 days to experience its power. Recite in English or in Gurmukhi transliteration, both are beneficial. However, reciting in Gurmukhi allows you to better access the power of the mantra, and as the words are recited in proper Naad or sound current, the tongue hits the meridian points on the upper palate, effecting a change in consciousness.
When chanting the Mool Mantra, leave a slight space, but not a breath, between the words Ajoonee and Saibhang. Do not run the words together. Emphasize the “ch” sound at the end of the word sach in the last four lines—this adds power. Work carefully to pronounce the words properly.